Microwave Popcorn / 1/2 Case

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  • 1/2 case contains twelve 3-packs.

*Beck's microwave popcorn is available in individual packets, pack of (3), half case (twelve (3) packs), and full case (72 individual packets).


| Ben Delarber 13-12-2022 02:16

Great stuff

| Jaiden 10-04-2021 00:25

This popcorn is so good and nicely buttered my family loves this popcorn

| Norbert H Hoerth 06-03-2021 02:53

Got a promotional 3 pack. Really enjoyed the popcorn, has a great taste.

| lorei karenke 28-02-2021 20:52

This is truly the best popcorn. Real corn flavor isn't covered over by artificial ingredients. Better than ANY I've ever had, hands down.

5 stars based on 4 reviews