Microwave Popcorn / Case

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  • One of our Country Store's best sellers!
  • Each case contains six sleeves of popcorn, for a total of 72 individual bags of popcorn.

*Beck's microwave popcorn is available in individual packets, pack of (3), half case (twelve (3) packs), and full case (72 individual packets).


| CRAIG OCHOA 30-12-2023 16:32


| David Lowinski / D-C Acres 17-07-2023 12:20

This microwave popcorn is awesome. I give a bag to ppl at work and they rave about it also and ask where to get more. Definitely recommending to others.

| Shelly 04-06-2023 01:54

Absolutely the best microwave popcorn

| Lydia 03-12-2022 06:55

Amazing! We have been ordering this popcorn for years! Nothing compares to Becks. Our entire family loves it. My husband's grandparents turned us onto it when they'd get a case for each person for Christmas. Now I've taken on that tradition & buy a case for several family members. Love it!!

| Abe Reppert 26-08-2022 22:14

Was at Becks for training this week. Got a little goody bag with some popcorn inside. This is the best popcorn I have tried. Gonna have to order some!

| Danette 26-06-2022 12:18

This is the best popcorn on the planet.

| Jessica 10-07-2020 03:16

Best popcorn I’ve ever had! No need to add extra butter or salt. It’s PERFECT! 1000/10 recommended! Definitely will order more!

5 stars based on 7 reviews