WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter

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  • The Weatherflow WEATHERmeter is a highly accurate miniature weather device used with your smartphone to measure wind, temperature, humidity and pressure readings. You can record data in a variety of compatible apps including the free Wind & Weather Meter app and share reports instantly via email, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • WEATHERmeter connects wirelessly to your smartphone up to 100 feet away. From sailors to farmers, now anyone can capture and share accurate weather data with the WEATHERmeter.
    • Wind speed (avg, gust, apparent, true)
    • Wind direction (magnetic, true)
    • Crosswind, headwind, tailwind
    • Temperature & relative humidity
    • Pressure & dew point
    • Heat index, wind chill, and more
  • Wireless connection up to 100 ft away.
  • Held in hand or attached to any 1/4-20 camera mount.
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